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Boat Terminology That You Need To Know Before Getting On The Lake

Boat Terminology That You Need To Know

If you’re considering a fun day on Lake Havasu in the boat, then you naturally need to know “boat language” as well. After all, boating terms and phrases can help you have more fun and also keep you safe in a pinch.

So keep reading, and we’ll talk about boat terms to know now and in the future whenever you get out on the water. If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to our friendly experts at At The Bridge Rentals.

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Boating Terms That You Should Know

Let’s talk about some of the common boating vocabulary that every person should know, whether you’re the captain or the passenger.

After all, just in case you need to make any quick decisions on the water, you’ll be glad to know these like the back of your hand.

  • Aft – this refers to the rear of the boat.
  • Beam – a word that refers to the widest point of the boat.
  • Bow – the front portion of the boat.
  • Bulkhead  – this divides the boat into two separate compartments in the interior.
  • Draft – this is how deep the boat goes down into the water. It’s defined as the lowest point of the whole to the water line.
  • Freeboard – the distance from the top of the boat hull to the water line is called the freeboard.
  • Gunwale – the top edge of your boat’s side sides is the gunwale.
  • Port – this is if you’re facing forward, in which case it refers to the left side of the boat.
  • Starboard – if you’re facing forward, this refers to the right side of the boat.
  • Stern – the rear portion of the boat.

Boat Terminology History

A lot of the terms used in boating come from nautical terminology. This goes back centuries across different civilizations.

For example, starboard and port are words from Old English, and the word bow is an Old Norse word.

Why You Should Understand Boating Terms

Knowing how to be safe on the water is of the utmost importance. While incidents are rare, you’ll feel much more at ease when you know what different parts of the boat are and how they work together.

Boat Equipment Terms

In addition to parts of the boat itself, there are different tools and pieces of equipment that you should be familiar with. This includes:

  • Anchor – this keeps the boat from drifting.
  • Bilge –  helps empty water out of the boat to make sure the motor is running cleanly.
  • Depth finder – this tells you how deep the water is in the area you’re currently boating.
  • Life jacket – also referred to as a personal flotation device. This keeps you on top of the water if you choose to get in or if an incident requires you to be in the water.
  • Paddle – useful for helping you steer the boat in an emergency situation.
  • Throttle – This is how you control the speed of the boat.

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You deserve to have fun in a safe manner when you are cruising on the lake. So reach out for more information today.